Breast reduction

Although rich breasts are desirable for many women, there are times when particularly large breasts are an obstacle.

When the weight of the breasts is too high, it can contribute to the development of problems in the spine and musculoskeletal system, causing pain in the neck and back and difficulties in performing sports activities. In addition, very large breasts can easily become droopy over the years.

Breast Reduction surgery is essentially the removal of a portion of skin and subcutaneous tissue from the Breasts, with simultaneous elevation of the nipple-areola complex and of course reconstruction of the surrounding tissues. The operation is performed under general anesthesia while the surgical time is about 3 hours.


  • Definitive reduction of oversized breasts.
  • Dealing with musculoskeletal problems, usually caused by overdeveloped breasts.
  • Natural result.
  • Absolutely safe operation, with a permanent result.

Breast reduction surgery is performed with the most modern techniques of plastic surgery, in order to achieve a completely natural and harmonious result, as well as to ensure that the scars will be as small as possible.