Anisomastia - Breast Asymmetry

In almost all women the two breasts are never the same in size and shape.

We would say that there is a small degree of asymmetry, but it is not an aesthetic problem since it is not perceived.

However, there are several cases of women whose difference in size, shape and position between their breasts is large and distinct.

In these cases we are talking about anisomastia or breast asymmetry.

In addition to aesthetic deformity, anisomastia also has a negative effect on a woman's psychology.

Many times a woman feels disadvantaged, has no self-confidence and her sexuality is affected through inhibitions about her relationships.

Modern Plastic Surgery comes to solve this major problem.

Anisomastia can be congenital or it can be acquired, ie due to pathological factors such as the removal of cysts or tumors.

Congenital anisomastia may show underdeveloped growth or hyperplasia in one breast.

There can also be amastia as in Poland syndrome.

A form of congenital anisomastia is the varying degree of drooping between the two breasts.

In acquired anisomastia, the deformity occurs mainly after the surgical repair of a pathological problem such as mastectomy and tumor resection.

In all cases the aesthetic and functional restoration is given by the plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon will take into account several factors in order to choose the appropriate surgical technique for the successful treatment of each case. Such factors are:

  • The age of the patient
  • The degree of asymmetry
  • The cause of the problem
  • The aesthetic desire of the patient

As mentioned, the plastic surgery techniques of choice in the hands of the special plastic are many and varied.

They usually include:

  • Enlargement of the smaller breast by adding a silicone implant
  • The reduction of the larger breast with reduction breast surgery
  • The addition of silicone prostheses of different sizes to both breasts
  • The simultaneous addition of silicone prosthesis to the hypoplastic breast and the reduction of the size in the hypertrophic breast
  • The plastic surgery of both breasts depending on their anatomical deformity

In our modern times, all the above invasive operations are safe and tolerable, while the treatment most often requires the patient to stay in the clinic for one night.

Sometimes he removes only skin, other times skin and fat and other times only fat.

The postoperative pain is small, while the woman returns to her normal activities in 5 to 10 days.

Plastic surgery for anisomastia guarantees top aesthetic results that are immediately visible.

At the same time, the woman will regain her feminine image, her self-confidence, her vitality.

The stay in the clinic is limited to a few hours and return to work takes about a week.

Beautiful, natural, healthy, symmetrical breasts that depict aesthetic and psychological harmony in yourself!