Laser Hair Removal for Men

Nowadays, more and more men are concerned with their well-tended image. The removal of intense hair growth belongs in the context of an elegant appearance. In past times, male hair removal was the prerogative of athletes (swimmers, cyclists, body builders, gymnasts) and models. Today, modern beauty standards motivate young men to take care of their bodies and get rid of their intense hair growth.

Male body hair growth is much more demanding in is fight than female hair growth. Male hormones (tetosterone) enhance the density and durability of the hair and often cause hypertricosis and hirsutism in areas such as the back and shoulders and ears.

For this reason, at the Medical Excess Laser Clinic, we follow strict medical protocols before and after each hair removal treatment in men, based on the dermatological check of the areas where we apply it.

The Medical Excess Laser Clinic has the latest generation ELOS diode laser, which with its special heads and advanced programs, is applied to all parts of the male body, destroying the hair follicles in a controlled way, without leaving gaps between the fields of application.

The points where the ELOS Laser hair removal is applied on the male body are:

  • The middle eyebrow
  • The cheekbones
  • The contour of the neck and neck
  • The nose and ears
  • Shoulders and back
  • Chest, waist and abdomen
  • Bikini, buttocks, legs and arms

In all these areas, the ELOS Laser has an exceptional advantage and offers top results in even the most demanding hair growth of the male body. At Medical Excess Laser Clinic, hair removal for men is a personalized and permanent solution for their needs.

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