Breast Augmentation

The breasts are the most feminine part of a woman's body.

They play a role in both the appearance and the sex appeal of a woman.

Over the centuries, female breasts have been a sacred symbol in many cultures, promoting fertility and motherhood as primordial and supreme values.

In today's woman, breasts are directly related to her psychology.

Many times small breasts affect a woman's psychosynthesis, with negative effects on her self-confidence.

The solution to the improvement and rehabilitation of the anatomical problems of breasts and consequently, of all the negative effects that they have on the female psychology, was given by Plastic Surgery with breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation appeared in the 60's and nowadays, it has evolved so much that it gives impressive results in every case.

It is no coincidence that breast augmentation is the 2nd most common cosmetic reconstructive surgery in the world.

Breast augmentation offers every woman the breasts of her dreams.

It fulfills the need of every woman for strong, firm and voluminous breasts, which are an integral part of her femininity and sexual behavior.

With breast augmentation, we achieve aesthetic restoration of:

  • Breast aplasia
  • Breast hypoplasia or asymmetry
  • The repair of breast volume after weight loss, pregnancy or removal of part of them

The most common reason for breast augmentation is the hypoplasia of breasts or otherwise small breasts, as well as the loosening of the area after a pregnancy.

Age-wise this usually affects women between 18 and 55 years old.

In many cases, however, it can also occur in women over 55 years of age.

The close cooperation and discussion between the person concerned and the plastic surgeon, determines the final result of the shape and form that the breasts will acquire after the operation.

Certainly the desire of the person concerned plays a primary role, but the plastic surgeon, according to the medical approach and the measurements that he will make of the breasts, will properly advise the person concerned, for the optimal result.

As a surgery, breast augmentation is considered one of the safest in the field of plastic surgery and is achieved by surgically placing silicone implants inside the breasts. In the latest generation of silicone implants, their content is in the form of "cohesive gel" gel, which makes them completely safe and with a lifetime guarantee.

Silicone implants are distinguished according to:

  • their shape:
    • into round of a low, medium or high profile
    • in the form of a drop of medium and high profile
  • their surface:
    • smooth
    • textured

All implants used by plastic surgeon Dr. Isidoros Pantazis, are FDA approved and have a lifetime warranty.

Modern silicone implants have been found to be so safe that even in the event of a possible rupture of the implant (which is extremely rare), the silicone does not go away, as it is in gel form.

The type of silicone implants is chosen by the plastic surgeon depending on the medical specifics of each operation and based on the best aesthetic result for the woman.

The place where the implants will be placed will be chosen by the plastic surgeon, depending on the size of the implants and the anatomy of each woman's breasts.

So depending on the point, the incision is made either:

  • below the breast (subcutaneous incision 3-4 cm)
  • or at the nipple diameter limits (peritoneal incision 2-3 cm)

In both cases, after healing, the incision is almost indistinguishable.

Inside the breasts, the plastic surgeon can choose to place the implants, depending on the specifics of each case with:

  • Placement under the mammary gland (Subglandular)
  • Placement under the fascia of the pectoralis major muscle (subperitoneal placement, Subfacial)
  • Positioning under the Submuscular
  • Combination of the above positions (Dual plane)

Breast augmentation surgery is extremely delicate and lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the case. It is usually performed under general anesthesia.

The woman may feel a slight pain during the first 48 hours, but it is easily controlled with painkillers and gradually subsides.

The woman can leave the clinic the same night or the next morning, while she can return to her daily activities in 4-5 days.

Exercise and intense activity are not allowed for 3 weeks.

Although the result after surgery is immediately visible, it still takes 3 to 10 weeks for the breast to take on a natural shape.

The final result is shaped up to six months after surgery.

In the event of a possible pregnancy, the implants do not adversely affect the breast. On the contrary, the implants function as an internal support of the breasts with positive results in terms of their changes.

The implants do not affect breastfeeding, as they do not interrupt the course of the mammary glands.

Breast augmentation is rightly the cosmetic surgery with the most positive results in female psychology.

It has been proven that women who undergo remodeling of their breasts’ aesthetics, feel a deep fulfillment of their female psychosynthesis, as a result of which their lost self-confidence is significantly increased.

The plastic surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Pantazis, in the context of a general aesthetic improvement, combines abdominoplasty, liposuction and a mommy makeover together with breast augmentation.