Non surgical nose job

Bloodless or Liquid Rhinoplasty is one of the trends in non- invasive treatments in cosmetic plastic surgery. This method cannot provide a solution if there are serious functional problems, such as difficulty breathing, a scoliotic septum, also we cannot reduce the size of the nose, but we can modify its shape. These changes mainly concern the back of the nose and the height of the top. In other words, we can smooth out small imperfections of the back, such as a small hump, fill the root of the nose or correct any asymmetries on the sides of the nose.

Why choose non-invasive rhinoplasty?
In cases where there is the option of avoiding surgery, non- invasive rhinoplasty offers only advantages to the patient. The technique is FDA approved, it is a safe method, painless and effective. It is a faster and reversible method, while it is significantly cheaper than the classic one.

The technique involves the subcutaneous injection of appropriate micro-quantities of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) exactly in the area of ​​the nose where the problem occurs. The procedure takes a short time (about 15') and is performed in the doctor's office, while it is a painless technique, as it is done under local anesthesia or with the use of anesthetic cream on the spot.

TIP TO KEEP: In no case can this technique replace the classic rhinoplasty, the results of which are permanent.

ρινοπλαστική - διόρθωση μύτης