Neck Lift

The neck is a very beautiful anatomical part of the body that is permanently visible and catches the eye.

The neck and decolletage are the points that immediately reveal our age and this is due to the loosening of the skin and the formation of intense folds, over time.

So, one of the first points in which the passage of time makes its presence felt is the neck and decolletage.

After all, it is not uncommon to see a relatively young person with an old neck, spoiling the whole image of a woman or a man.

This loosening of the skin on the neck can include a wide range of aesthetic deformities, such as the formation of vertical folds in the area and excess fat.

Excess skin - fat and wrinkles in the neck area, affect both the overall image of the person and their self-esteem, especially if the neck has begun to show signs of loosening prematurely, even before there is even loosening in facial features.

To all these complex problems, the plastic surgeon comes to offer a solution with the neck lift, which is one of the most effective surgeries that removes all the signs of aging.

With the neck lift, the problem of excess skin on the neck is solved, the fat collections are removed and the renewed beautiful lines of the neck are highlighted.

With the Neck Lift, the woman or the man, looks more refreshed, relaxed but also younger by 10-15 years.

In fact, in some cases of men and women, a surgical neck lift is the first treatment for the signs of aging and in the second year a Face Lift follows.

Especially in younger women, the neck lift perfectly treats the early symptoms of loosening and brings top aesthetic results that excite them.

At Medical Excess, with the most modern surgical techniques, the plastic surgeon, Mr. Isidoros Pantazis, corrects any aesthetic deformity in the area and restores the superficial layer of the neck muscles, to the position they exist at a young age with spectacular results.

The neck lifting operation is performed under general anesthesia but also intoxication, depending on the extent of the problem, while the patient can return to their daily activities without any obvious bruising and swelling in 7 to 15 days.

Usually during neck lifting surgery, small incisions are made behind the ears and reach the scalp, while several times, small incisions are made along the natural line in front of the ear lobe.

In some cases it is necessary to make a tiny incision under the chin.

Neck lifting can be done in combination with liposuction, eyelid surgery, face lifting and eyebrow lifting.

However, neck lift surgery concerns both women and men, who are either candidates for Face Lift surgery that will include the neck or are only candidates for neck correction.

In general, a neck lift and a face lift are two plastic surgeries that tighten loose skin and significantly reduce wrinkles.

Both operations act against time by turning the hands of the clock years back.

At Medical Excess, the plastic surgeon Mr. Isidoros Pantazis is at your disposal to discuss the benefits of neck lifting surgery, the aesthetic effect it will bring to your appearance and the privileged cost at which it is available.