K-LASER Effective treatment for Freckles, Blemishes, Spots, Vitiligo

Some of the disorders of skin pigmentation are freckles, spots, blemishes and vitiligo.

The k Laser is one of the most successful methods in the world in the treatment of the above discolorations with the most advantages, since:

  • it is a very safe procedure with zero side effects
  • it is an effective method with excellent results
  • it requires minimal implementation time and few sessions

Freckles and blemishes are a common problem for all ages.

Freckles are small spots and are usually due to hereditary factors. They usually appear in people with light skin.

Blemishes (melasmas) appear mainly after the age of 30 and worsen over time.

Women get blemishes much more often than men, due to hormonal disorders (pregnancy, etc.).

Blemishes are the locally irregular hyperpigmentation of the skin, usually in the area of the face on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, chin and more rarely on the neck, decolletage, dorsal surface of the hands and appear as dark spots, brown or gray.

In general, the parts of the body that are most exposed to the sun will show blemishes in combination with age.

Initially, blemishes appear mainly in summer and soften in winter.

But as the years go by they become permanent and constitute a persistent aesthetic problem.

Blemishes are often due to hereditary and genetic factors, but also to hormonal disorders, pregnancy, menopause.

Also, several times the cause is taking contraceptives, antibiotics, antiepileptics, antidepressants, cortisone and anti-inflammatory drugs.

In order to get rid of freckles and blemishes, one must have laser discoloration treatment.

The k-Laser can remove 100% of discolorations effectively.

80% of superficial lesions respond more quickly and usually resolve after one treatment.

However, many cases may require a second and third treatment to disappear completely.

Spots are more superficial discolorations, in contrast to the blemishes that are created in the deeper layers of the skin.

Spots are created by hypertrophic melanocytes due to skin aging and their color is from brown to black.

In these areas the skin is dull, rough, dry, and there may be small varicose veins.

Spots first appear on the thinnest and most sun-exposed areas of the skin, such as the eyes, face and hands.

In the elderly they are mainly found on the dorsal surfaces of the hands, but may also be present in other places such as the back and legs.

The most effective way to remove spots is the Laser, which removes the very superficial layers of the skin, where these inhomogeneous melanin deposits are located, restoring the skin to its original shape and texture.

The k-Laser treats spots 100% effectively, while giving a more uniform youthful skin tone and a more youthful appearance.

Vitiligo is the most common chronic skin discoloration disorder and occurs in 1-4% of the general population.

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which areas of the skin and mucous membranes gradually lose their normal pigment and become white.

Vitiligo occurs equally in both sexes regardless of skin color and race and can occur at any age, but most commonly affects people aged 10 to 30 years.

Vitiligo is not contagious and apart from skin discoloration, it does not cause any symptoms.

The etiology of vitiligo remains unknown.

To date, several theories have been developed, the most prevalent being neurogenic, autoimmune, the theory of melanocyte self-destruction, and heredity.

Vitiligo often coexists with psoriasis and although they are two separate diseases, they can have the same immune origin.

Vitiligo has a serious psychological impact especially on young people who have discoloration on their face.

This condition worsens their quality of life, causing them negative emotions such as:

  • Increased stress
  • Feeling ashamed and different
  • Low self-esteem

For vitiligo, Laser is the treatment of choice with much better results than conventional phototherapy.

The k-Laser is the appropriate treatment for vitiligo combining additional immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory properties, with response rates over 95%.

Vitiligo treatment with k-Laser is effectively combined with Medical Tattoo, where the appearance is improved by correcting the skin color