The abdomen is a major cosmetic problem in both men and women.

Especially women who have given birth, consider the problem of their abdominal loosening to be quite important.

However, loose skin on the abdomen is a very common deformity that usually occurs after multiple pregnancies, after great weight loss, lack of exercise, but also due to age.

Many times the excess skin in the abdomen is so large that it folds down, covering the pubic area and the genitals.

The permanent solution and the excellent restoration of the problem of this loose skin, is given today by plastic surgery with the method of abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty is the foremost surgery aimed at women and men in order to correct any cosmetic problem in the abdominal area.

Abdominoplasty is performed by the plastic surgeon who, depending on the degree of the problem he is called upon to correct, can choose different variants of the operation, such as classic abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty, reverse abdominoplasty, etc.

During the procedure, the excess skin and fat tissue are removed from the middle and lower third of the abdomen and the muscles of the abdominal wall are stretched.

Surgical incisions made in the area are completely covered by underwear or bikini and gradually improve.

The invasive method of abdominoplasty gives exceptional and impressive results as the abdomen becomes almost flat and the waist narrower.

Abdominoplasty is a safe operation and usually requires one to two days of hospitalization, while the recovery time ranges from 7 to 10 days, without complications.

Modern invasive techniques of abdominoplasty ensure a dramatic change in the silhouette of woman and man, with permanent results.