Stretch Marks - Treatments

Stretch marks are essentially a type of scar and are due to atrophy or the absence of the inner layers of the skin and are caused mainly by rupture of the dermis.

This rupture can be caused by abrupt stretching of the skin, as well as various other causes, such as:

  • sudden growth
  • sudden weight fluctuations
  • adolescence
  • excessive increase in muscle volume
  • hormonal and genetic disorders
  • poor nutrition, etc.

Stretch marks usually appear on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, chest, armpits and generally appear on parts of the body with a large accumulation of fat.

In some cases, they may even cover larger areas of the body.

At first the stretch marks are red, as they are in the initial stage, which is more easily treated by the plastic surgeon. Then they become white, which means that they have become permanent and require specialized treatment.

As mentioned above they are damage of the collagen of the inner layer of the skin the dermis, which damage forms the lines on the surface of the skin. Note that they appear in both women and men.

Stretch marks are a damage of the skin, which in the problem area is glossy and gives the image of its thinning.

The major aesthetic problem of stretch marks is solved by modern medical aesthetics, with specialized treatment protocols that address the problem and eliminate it permanently.

In their treatment, the plastic surgeon selects individualized treatments depending on the patient's skin type, the size of the damage and the location of the affected area.

In detail, the methods of dealing with stretch marks are:

  • Selective laser photothermolysis
    The use of a special laser activates the production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, targeting the vascular network of stretch marks resulting in the regeneration and healing of tissues and the elimination of stretch marks.
  • Autologous PRP mesotherapy and stem cells
    PRP treatment injects therapeutic substances into the affected areas resulting in improved microcirculation, increased collagen production, internal reconstruction of the stretch and healing of the damage.
  • The combination of laser and PRP
    This is the spearhead of stretch marks treatments. It is the most modern and effective method, even for the most difficult and persistent cases of stretch marks. The treatment combines on the one hand the action of autologous PRP mesotherapy and its ability to induce new collagen synthesis and on the other hand the therapeutic application of light laser that heals and eliminates local damage.

The results of the method are spectacular and proven to even offer 100% success in the complete elimination of stretch marks.

At Medical Excess, we apply the latest technologies for the treatment of stretch marks, wherever they are located on your skin.

With just a few sessions, without any pain and with special care, we put an end to the aesthetic problem of stretch marks, in women and men of all ages.