Non-Injectable Body Mesotherapy

Eporex - The Most Revolutionary Non-Injectable Mesotherapy Technology in Medical Aesthetics!

Eporex technology is a new needleless and painless mesotherapy application system.

It is the revolution in medical aesthetics, since without any pain it achieves immediate and uniform results on face and body as far as wrinkles, regeneration, tightening, cellulite and local fat are concerned.

Eporex - The technology that reshapes your body!

Eporex is the perfect combination of advanced medical aesthetics and modern technology in the service of beauty.

With Eporex treatment, through an innovative method of active molecular transdermal transport of substances called Isophoresis, the constant and greater penetration of therapeutic substances into the tissues at different depths is achieved, ensuring the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

The therapeutic substances used to penetrate the deepest parts of the tissues, are selected by the plastic surgeon depending on the problem faced by the person concerned and the result to be achieved.

Such substances contain plant ingredients, vitamins, collagen, trace elements, hyaluronic acid, minerals, caffeine, amino acids and combine fat-dissolving, angiotonic and firming properties.

Eporex technology is the ultimate solution to non-injectable therapies to treat problems in the body such as stretch marks, cellulite, local fat and loose skin.

So with Eporex technology, we can safely enjoy all the benefits of mesotherapy without injections, without pain and without causing bruising.

Each session lasts about 30 to 40 minutes and the person concerned can immediately resume their activities, as no recovery time is required.

Eporex technology is the most advanced system of transdermal transport of therapeutic substances in the deeper layers of the skin, up to 10cm in the body and 2cm in the face.

It is based on recognized clinical studies and research and has been proven to correct loose skin, treat cellulite and local fat, giving a youthful, vigorous body.

Medical Excess gives you the opportunity to reshape your body profile with Eporex Non Injectable Body Mesotherapy, in attractive treatment packages in order to enjoy a lean and shapely body with soft and firm skin!