Injectable Mesotherapy of the face- neck- decolletage

Mesotherapy has proven in recent years to be an effective method for the prevention and treatment of ageing, loose skin, wrinkles and generally for the improvement of the texture, tone and glow of the skin.

The benefits of mesotherapy with its comparatively low cost rank it as the favourite method of anti ageing of women in order to deal with the consequences of time on their face and body.

Mesotherapy is a simple, painless, fast and without side-effects treatment which is based on an improved system of diadermal transfer of beneficial substances such as a cocktail of polypeptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, enzymes plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and many more.

The goal of mesotherapy is to transfer through injection under the skin the above nutrients which stimulate fibroblasts for the production of collagen and thus help the skin to become tighter, more hydrated, more youthful and glowing. The injection is done with a series of endodermal microinjections with syringes which have a very thin and small needle.

Τhe benefits of mesotherapy in the face neck and decolletage are:

  • Deep mesocellular hydration
  • Anti-ageing and reduction of fine wrinkles
  • Prevention of the appearance of new wrinkles
  • Improvement of black circles and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Freshness, glow and youthful looking skin
  • Firming action in the area where it is applied

The advantages which have established it as a top method in aesthetic medicine are:

  • It is the optimal choice for women and men who do not want to undergo invasive lifting
  • Its results are immediately visible
  • It is safe, fast and painless
  • It does not deform the natural expression of the face
  • It requires no recovery time
  • It can be performed at any moment a man or woman wishes

Mesotherapy is it safe and non-invasive treatment which offers amazing results in the regeneration and renewal of your face, neck and decolletage.

As we mentioned above the results of mesotherapy can be seen from the very first session since we have an immediate improvement of the elasticity and texture of the face neck and decolletage. To fully take advantage of the spectacular benefits of this method and in correlation with the needs of every skin, we recommend a small maintenance after three months.

Mesotherapy can also be combined perfectly with treatments achieving excellent results.

At Medical Excess Laser Clinic we offer a high level of anti ageing treatments and we provide privileged packages of Mesotherapy so that we can admire you as always young, shiny, smiling, cheerful and ethereal.