Recovery of Burns & Burn Scars

Modern Plastic Surgery applies the most advanced methods to restore and eliminate both aesthetic deformities, as well as the functionality of a burned area.

The cases that the plastic surgeon deals with, may concern the restoration of skin defects in the parts of the body that have been affected by a burn, but also the restoration of deformed and hypertrophic post-burn scars.

The surgical plastic techniques used to treat the above problems vary depending on the location and severity of each case.

In general, the following apply:

  • The restoration of skin defects on the affected surfaces of the body with the transplantation of skin grafts from healthy areas.
  • The restoration of burn scars with the use of artificial skin integra.
  • The restoration of deformed scars with the use of local flaps
  • The repair of deformed scars with the use of tissue expanders.
  • The rehabilitation of post-burn alopecia with the use of hair transplants.

In any case, the plastic surgeon works perfectly with his patient, to achieve the best possible result.

The relationship that develops between doctor and patient, is governed by full emotional understanding and respect, so that the existing problem can be dealt with successfully.

In our modern age, science offers excellent solutions to aesthetic improvement and functional restoration even in cases of extensive damage.

Our main goal is to focus on the individual problem of each patient and to do the best possible for their recovery.

Our philosophy is the anthropocentric approach of the patient, with love, respect and care, until complete healing has been achieved.