Facelift surgery

Facelift surgery or Wrinklectomy is the ultimate surgery that stops time and returns youth to your face!

Every year, thousands of men and women around the world have Facelift surgery performed by their plastic surgeons.

Scientific research has shown that people who take care of themselves, choose facelift surgery in order to maintain their good physical condition and well-being.

These people harbour high self-esteem and want to look and feel young and active.

Nowadays, more and more men and women are taking care of their health and trying to improve their appearance.

Almost always, the improvement of external appearance is reflected in the internal energy of the person and helps them to feel sure and self-confident.

Face lifting is applied at any age if it is considered that there is a strong problem of loose skin on the face and neck, which affects our image.

In short there is no standard age for when one should undergo a modified facelift.

The scientific answer is that face lifting should be done when needed and not as prevention.

That is, when there are good reasons for this, such as when there are imperfections and problems in the face that need this operation in order to be corrected.

In the facelift the plastic surgeon must always aim for the most natural result, without altering facial features.

During the operation, the plastic surgeon minimizes the signs of aging by repositioning the muscles, skin and fat on the face and corrects the loosening by stretching the tissues under the skin of the face, without just removing the loose skin.

The facial facelift treats loosening and loose skin of the average face, meaning it repairs any damage caused by aging on the face.

More specifically, it addresses problems in the areas:

  • around the eye area
  • of the temple
  • of the eyebrows
  • of the cheekbones
  • of the cheeks
  • under the jaw

A facelift can be performed alone or combined with other techniques, such as eyelid surgery to repair eyelid loosening, a neck lift for the neck area and rhinoplasty.

The most important thing is for the plastic surgeon to identify exactly all the existing problems to be corrected in the face, in order to draw up the necessary plan and the details that will be followed.

A facelift as an operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2-3 hours.

The incisions are made around the ear in an invisible position and extend upwards and backwards into the hair.

During the operation, the plastic surgeon stretches the skin of the face through these incisions, after first tightening on the one hand the deeper tissues and on the other hand the muscles and the fascia, in order to soften the wrinkles and give a better shape to the profile.

In several operations, the plastic surgeon uses a scalpel and a laser at the same time.

In cases where major repairs are not required, the endoscopic method is applied.

The full beneficial results of the facelift operation come after months, while at the same time care of the skin and its protection from the sun are required.

At Medical Excess Laser Clinic, the plastic surgeon, Dr. Isidoros Pantazis, will discuss extensively with each candidate and will analyze their individual needs, in order to achieve a harmonious and natural result with the facelift, giving their face a younger look, firmness and freshness.

At Medical Excess we do not just stop time.

With facelift surgery, we take you back decades!